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Bashkirian Honey is Longevity, Health and Beauty!
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Acacia Honey
Acacia Honey is obtained from acacia flowers and it has a remarkable purity and clarity. It is one of the most famous and sweetest types of honey, because of the delicate flavor that still bears the smell and the scent of acacia flowers. It is a monofloral honey, meaning that it is produce from the nectar that the honeybees collect from a single type of plant- the acacia (in this case). ...
How do bees make honey?
The honey is a bee product obtained through the transformation and processing of the nectar and dew gathered by honeybees and stored in the comb cells. Nectar is made of water (80%) and some complex sugars. Many plants use nectar as a way of encouraging insects, including bees, to stop at the flower. In the process of gathering nectar, the insect transfers pollen grains from one flower to anoth ...
How much honey can we eat every day?
The question about honey dosage is very difficult. The amount of honey considered to be optimum depends a whole lot on a person's diet and lifestyle. For instance, one could be taking foods with very low sugar content every day, leading a very active lifestyle, and following a disciplined exercise regimen, while on the other extreme end; another with a sweet tooth could be taking plenty of ...
Valuable Honey Properties
Firstly, honey is hygroscopic. Honey has a hygroscopic nature, which means when exposed to air, it naturally absorbs moisture in from the air. In treating open wounds, honey is useful as it could help prevent scarring by keeping the skin moist, encourage the growth of new tissues, and allow easy removal of any dressing by preventing dressing from becoming stuck to the skin. Honey's hygr ...


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